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Rave Reviews

Here’s what some satisfied clients have said about House of Communications Owner Darlene House.

“She’s someone with an uncommon degree of stick-to-it-tive-ness.”
                ~~Advertising Agency Creative Director

“Your read was absolutely amazing. The way you changed voices to reflect different characters brought out the essence of the story.”
                ~~Voice Over Client

“You have eagle eyes and an impressive way with words.”
                ~~Doctoral Student Editing Client

“Your news release was right on target for our event. You did a great job of creating a media list with resources focused on our specific audiences.”
                ~~Non Profit Program Event Chair

“You have a real knack for sorting through a lot of information and finding the most significant points to share in an easy to understand way.”
                ~~Market Research Agency CEO

“Darlene House is a talented writer who is able to make every word count. A brief article she wrote about me shared more enlightening information than much longer pieces.”
                ~~Publishing Press Founder and Major City Poet Laureate